The total investment is 1.3 billion yuan! Enjie, Beijing Welion and Tianmu pilot

time:2021.12.01 Click volume:3907


On the afternoon of November 26, 2021, the signing ceremony of solid electrolyte coated diaphragm project was held on the Bank of Tianmu Lake. Li Xiaohua, vice chairman and CEO of Enjie group, Yu Huigen, chairman and general manager of Beijing satellite blue, Luo Fei, general manager of Liyang Tianmu pilot, and ye Minghua, Shao Qinhua, Zhuang Songnian and Zhu Wei, leaders of Liyang City, attended the signing ceremony.

Said Li Xiaohua, vice chairman and CEO of Enjie group "Liyang has a strong development momentum in recent years, especially in the field of new energy. This time, Enjie joined hands with Beijing satellite blue and Tianmu to give full play to their respective strengths to carry out cooperation, and chose to settle the project in Liyang. The purpose is to take root and sprout the most advanced diaphragm coating technology and products in Liyang at present and in the future, and develop and grow in the whole country and even the world. The project is bound to become an important player in the new energy industry, especially in the field of lithium batteries To further promote industrial upgrading and industrial progress in Liyang and make due contributions to local economic and social development. "


Mayor Ye Minghua expressed congratulations on the successful signing of the project on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. He pointed out that "in recent years, Liyang has been committed to the construction of ecological innovation demonstration cities in the Yangtze River Delta, focusing on the development of power and energy storage battery industry, and has formed a power (energy storage) battery industry cluster with the most complete industrial chain, the largest industrial scale and the strongest innovation ability in China. It is expected that the power (energy storage) battery industry in the city will achieve an output value of 43 billion yuan this year, and the output value will exceed 100 billion yuan during the 14th Five Year Plan period, It is expected to build a 100 billion power battery industry base with the largest scale in the growth triangle and leading R & D capacity in China. This time, Enjie joined hands with Beijing satellite blue and Tianmu to lay out the most critical solid electrolyte coating diaphragm in the solid-state battery industry chain in Liyang, which is not only conducive to the expansion and strength of enterprises, but also conducive to enhancing liyang's advantages in the field of next-generation solid-state batteries, helping us run up to the 100 billion power battery industry cluster, but also helping us practice the new development concept, promote green and low-carbon development and gather kinetic energy. "


This time, Enjie, Beijing Welion and Tianmu pilot jointly build the solid electrolyte coating diaphragm project, which aims to give full play to the rich research and development advantages of the research teams of the three companies, deeply explore the cooperation in R & D technology of comprehensive utilization of new energy technology, jointly promote the industrialization of solid-state batteries and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.