Fuliuman's positive psychology training course on how happiness stimulates innov

time:2021.12.03 Click volume:3500

In order to understand the characteristics of innovative talents, stimulate innovation through happiness, and identify and cultivate the company's potential innovative talents, Welion new energy specially invited Professor Peng Kaiping of Tsinghua University to the company to carry out the training of positive psychology.



Professor Peng Kaiping is currently a professor and doctoral advisor in the Department of psychology of Tsinghua University, the dean of the school of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, the dean of the Institute of global industry of Tsinghua University, the dean of the Department of psychology of Tsinghua University, the member of the academic committee of Tsinghua University, the Chinese director of the international positive psychology Federation (IPPA) and the international positive Education Alliance (lpen), and the executive chairman of the China International Conference on positive psychology.


On November 27, the company organized the first training course of positive psychology "how happiness stimulates innovation". A total of more than 300 people from all departments and subsidiaries of the company participated through offline grouping and online viewing. Professor Peng Kaiping introduced the important value of positive attitude, and shared it through two dimensions of mind observation and cultivation, so that everyone can understand ① why innovation needs positive psychology ② what is positive psychology ③ how to cultivate positive attitude ④ how to produce peak experience and cultivate creativity. Through case sharing, classroom interaction and other forms, the positive psychology was explained in simple terms, and the participants gained happy passwords one after another. The whole training process is full of blessings.


Students' harvest:

Classmate a: "systematically understand the theoretical knowledge of positive psychology, and stimulate creativity and happy work by controlling negative emotions, maintaining an optimistic smile and actively communicating; what really puzzles us is not what happens to us, but our views on these things, which are deeply inspired."

Classmate B: "there is a harvest in analyzing psychology and how to make yourself more positive from a scientific perspective, and the theories and examples told by the teacher will be very helpful to future work and life."

Little C: "change your concept and face life and work with a positive attitude."

Classmate D: "understand the development background and far-reaching significance of positive psychology, find the benefits of positive psychology for work and life, learn various ways and methods to cultivate personal positive attitude towards things, and understand the basic principles of empathy and kindness when communicating with others."

Small e classmate: "innovation needs a positive psychology, so that we can have a happy experience, concentrate, forget things, be familiar, drop into the heart, be hearty and dripping, and constantly precipitate, so as to make new breakthroughs."

Classmate F: "I know the new concept - Fu Liu, and understand some characteristics of Fu Liu and how to generate Fu Liu experience in life and work. Facing the pressure and challenges in life and work, how to take correct countermeasures, etc.

... students are full of harvest, so I won't list them one by one!


The core idea of positive psychology is to emphasize stimulating the inherent positive factors of people, emphasizing people's value and humanistic care, and advocating to explore people's virtues, benevolence and potential, with the goal of helping all people get happiness, increase their mental strength and make their career higher.

The training deepened everyone's understanding of positive psychology and improved the trainees' understanding of positive psychology in work and life. It is hoped that in the future work and life, the people of Welion family can continuously absorb all kinds of knowledge with persistent spirit, open attitude and positive attitude, face challenges and difficulties, stimulate innovation and creativity, find innovative talents, respect science and technology, original innovation, in-depth thinking, combined collection and storage, extreme implementation and forge ahead, and feel the "blessing flow" together in the process of building a global leader in solid-state lithium batteries!