Gathering with WELION: Leading the Way with Solid-State and Semi-Solid Bat

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       From June 2nd to 4th, the 7th World Drone Conference will be grandly held at Halls 8 and 9 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. WELION will present its popular products at booth 9D29 during this event and looks forward to your visit. 

Company Introduction

        Beijing WELION New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is located in the high-end manufacturing hub of Beijing. It is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise with a primary focus on the research and production of solid-state lithium-ion batteries. WELION possesses a portfolio of core patents and cutting-edge technologies, and it proudly serves as the sole industrialization platform for solid-state battery technology developed by the Center for Clean Energy, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Headquartered in Beijing, our company has established four major facilities across China, situated in Beijing's Fangshan, Liyang in Jiangsu, Huzhou in Zhejiang, and Zibo in Shandong.

       Founded through a collaborative effort by Academician Chen Liquan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Researcher Li Hong, and Professor-level Senior Engineer Yu Huigen from the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, our company is a hub for top-tier talent in various fields, including battery materials, cells, and systems. Our core mission revolves around developing hybrid solid-liquid and all-solid-state battery products that excel in terms of high energy density, safety, power output, temperature adaptability, and extended lifespan.


Industry Applications

        Our company has gathered a team of highly skilled professionals in the fields of battery materials, battery cells, and systems. We are dedicated to the research and production of hybrid solid-liquid batteries and all-solid-state batteries known for their high energy density, safety, power output, wide temperature range, and long lifespan. Through groundbreaking original innovations, we have overcome existing technological limitations, and our applications span across various industries, including new energy vehicles, marine vessels, energy storage, drones, and the 3C consumer sector.



       Based on the establishment of core technology platforms, we have successfully developed technologies such as in-situ solidification, atomic-level bonding, composite lithium metal, solid-state electrolytes, ion-conductive membrane, and three-dimensional current collection. Our portfolio includes over 300 patent applications, covering core materials and technologies related to solid-state battery composite cathodes, solid-state electrolytes, separators, and anodes. At WELION, we are committed to advancing the development and industrialization of high-energy, high-power batteries for the drone industry!

In July 2023, WELION will unveil its new generation high-energy density solid-state batteries for the drone market. We cordially invite you to visit our booth at 9D29 for more information and discussions.…




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