Official Delivery of WELION's 360Wh/kg Lithium Battery Cell to NIO

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On June 30, 2023, WELION officially delivered its 360Wh/kg lithium battery cells to NIO, marking the signing ceremony and unveiling of the WELION Yangtze River Delta R&D Center in Huzhou City. The event was attended by leaders from Huzhou City and the Nantaihu New Area, distinguished guests from NIO, WELION's management team, shareholders, suppliers, and partners. The meeting was presided over by Wang Guoliang, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Party Working Committee of the Nantaihu New Area.


(Qian Hongwen, a member of the Huzhou Municipal Government Party Leadership Group, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, and Director of the Management Committee of Nantaihu New Area)


Qian Hongwen, a member of the Huzhou Municipal Government Party Leadership Group, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, and Director of the Management Committee of Nantaihu New Area, expressed his recognition and support for the WELION project in his speech. He thanked WELION for its positive assessment of Huzhou's investment environment, its role in driving the development of the new energy industry in the area, and its recognition of the potential talent in the new area. He also emphasized the new area's commitment to enhancing its investment attraction capabilities, optimizing resource allocation, and elevating service standards.


(Yu Huigen, Chairman of WELION)


Mr. Yu Huigen, Chairman of WELION, stated in his address that the official delivery of the 360Wh/kg lithium battery cells to NIO marks a significant milestone in the industry. He expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts of NIO and the WELION joint team over the past two years. Furthermore, he extended his thanks to the leaders at various levels in Huzhou City and Nantaihu New Area for their tangible support, which played a vital role in ensuring the smooth launch of the first phase of the factory amid various challenges.


(Zeng Shizhe, Vice President of NIO's Battery Systems)


Mr. Zeng Shizhe, Vice President of NIO's Battery Systems, stated that the delivery of the 360Wh/kg lithium battery cells is excellent news for all NIO vehicle owners. It allows them to continue enjoying the benefits of battery upgrades, aligning with NIO's core philosophy of providing high-performance smart electric vehicles and an exceptional user experience to create a joyful lifestyle for users. Today's delivery marks just a small step in the collaborative growth of WELION and NIO, with hopes that this small step will drive significant technological advancements across the entire industry.微信图片_20231017164500.jpgFollowing this, WELION’s Executive Vice President officially handed over the 360Wh/kg lithium battery cells to Mr. Zeng Shuxiang, Senior Vice President of NIO. A quality assurance commitment was also submitted, and both parties signed the annual order.



Finally, the on-site unveiling ceremony of the WELION Yangtze River Delta R&D Center took place. During the ceremony, Mr. Wu Zhiyong, Member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, and Mr. Li Hong, Chief Scientist of WELION, jointly unveiled the center. The WELION Yangtze River Delta R&D Center is a crucial part of WELION’s solid-state battery technology innovation system. It focuses on researching the market's battery application requirements, continually developing new products, processes, equipment, and materials.

Beijing WELION New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a pioneer in China's solid-state battery industry, stands as the exclusive industrialization platform for solid-state battery technology from the Center for Clean Energy, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Headquartered in Beijing, the company operates from four major bases located in Fangshan, Beijing, Liyang in Jiangsu, Huzhou in Zhejiang, and Zibo in Shandong. Among these, the Huzhou base in Zhejiang serves as the production hub for WELION's automotive power batteries, encompassing functions such as technology transformation, product development and validation, battery manufacturing, and quality management and control.

In the context of the steadily increasing penetration of new energy vehicles, batteries, a critical component within their industry chain, play an immensely important role. Drawing upon years of accumulated technical expertise, WELION is committed to the continuous development of cutting-edge products distinguished by their high energy density and superior safety features. The delivery ceremony for the 360Wh/kg lithium battery cell signifies not only a pivotal milestone in WELION’s growth but also a catalyst for technological progress in the new energy battery sector. WELION will seize the industrial opportunities presented by the new energy sector, persistently enhance its capabilities in innovative research and development, and introduce an array of superior battery products.